Onward to Apocalypse

by Creeping Fear

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released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Creeping Fear Paris, France

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Track Name: Life Denied
Life is a lie

Piece of meat, brainless incarnation
Replacing your existence by fake ideas
You’re a massive piece of nothing

Don’t expect salvation
Your world is under control
In the darkness they build
Your new deadly reality

A puppet behind a god Indoctrinated
By coward Committing atrocious sacrifices
Your life is denied


Your deadly sacrifices
Show your emptiness
An entire life devoted
To a lie
You’re a nonsense
To the creation
You are nothing to our eyes

Destroying yourself
To destroy everyone else
A bullet to your head is the only thing
That can stop your madness.

Solo Clément

Your time has come
Pain of thousand souls

Holy soldier
Bringer of lies
You and your god
Deserve to die
False religions
And insane minds
You and your god deserve
To Die
Track Name: Divine Casualties
Darkness remains

Come forward preacher
And watch the world burn
Feel the flame consuming your soul
Because of bad placed passion

Praying for your god
Killing in his name
Establishing a false truth
Judgment day has begun

To pray
Is your only way to repent
For, sins you’ve done in the name of god
To die
Is your final act of faith
A suicide, in the name of sacredness

Your existence is a lie

Suicidal terrorists
Fanatic prayers
And church addicts
Your eyes are blinded by faith
There will be no peace until you die

There is no heaven for fools and murderers
Reason will stand against your lies

There is no place for your violent beliefs
For the insanity of your god
No place for your ignorance
Only a sentence of death

To pray
Is your only way to repent
For, sins you’ve done in the name of god
To die
Is your final act of faith
A suicide, in the name of sacredness


Your heaven is a lie
Earth burns like hell
Faith is our enemy
God is a lie

Solo Gabriel

Solo Clément

Faith is our enemy
God is a lie
Track Name: Swallowed by Death
Time has stopped
Shot in the head
Brain cells
Burst everywhere
Warm blood
Flows behind your neck
No escape
Death strikes again

Pain of the cold steel
Through your head
Burns, it is insane
There is no escape from death’s game

Swallowed by death
There is no salvation
In death
You’ll find no heaven
Swallowed by death
Your suffering stays

Your suffering won’t stop
Trapped in the time lapse of your execution
Going on again and again
As an eternal circle of insane pain

Your Death will last forever
This instant of pain eternally remains
Stuck in your brain
There’s no salvation in death

Solo Gabriel

Solo Clément

Trapped into the void
Everything is black
Alone in the dark
Deprived of your sight
You can only feel the bullets
Pain of cold steel through your head

A step forward into hell
Without coming back
Eternal is pain of death
A lost soul even death can’t save

Eternal is pain of death
A lost soul even death can’t save

Solo Gabriel
Track Name: Trenches of Desolation
The world has disappeared
Through fog and fear
Fools seek a hiding
Between piles of rotten corpses

Eyes blinded by blood rain
Taste of putrefaction on your lips
This is everyday life
In the trenches of desolation

Slaves of war carved by bullets
Lost souls diluted in mud
Infernal war is raging
Only death will remain

Crawling through guts and bones
Of their brothers ripped off
A prison of rotting flesh
Becoming one with the trenches

Slaves of war carved by bullets
Lost souls diluted in mud
Infernal war is raging
Only death will remain

As the ground begin to growl
Evil made flesh approaches
A corpse golem of doom
There will be no redemption

Only death

No human remains
All hopes are gone
Feast for the dead
Death marches on

Fear and flesh are the Void
Absorbing your humanity
There is no escape anymore
Death is your new reality

Solo Gabriel

Solo Clément

Trenches now remains silent
Death’s shadow will eternally remain, still
Track Name: Onward to Apocalypse
Marching on this decrepit land
Every step closer to eternal darkness
We are legions of doom on this land
We come to murder your god in the name of


Evil almighty
Hear my call
I’m here
To serve you
To drown this land
In torment
My hate
Ignite my blade


Temples will burn hellfire licking their walls
Foundations of sacredness turned into ashes
Demon’s blade on your guts slicing you flesh
Prayers of lie will be erased from this land

Crushing your flesh
Destroying your cult
We are one
In the name of Satan

Marching onward, to apocalypse
Kneel to your master
We are the fate
The end of human race

Solo Gabriel

Marching upon
Upon your corpses
You lay down eternally
Unstoppable we march onward
With an insatiable will to kill

We come
To murder
The world
We march
We kill
We are insatiable
We burn down your effigies
Lies are
Into ashes
We march
Onward to

Solo Gabriel
Track Name: Spreading Disease
Darkness demons walking on earth
Death walking plague human abomination
Result of fools’ medical experiences
They are led by an insatiable will to contaminate

Bitten by them you feel the plague
Slightly running through your veins
Thrown in an isolation cell you begin
To lose control of your brain

Alone in the dark you are so hungry
For human flesh
In a desperate move
Your start devouring yourself

The taste is so good
Pain so intense
Your own flesh ripped
By your teeth
Satisfying your insane hunger

Your mind and body collapse
Your own body
Humanity is swept away

Solo Gabriel

The carnage done barely alive
Your entrails ripped and torn
You lie on the floor licking
The blood that remains
Awaiting a death that
Won’t come

You cannot die
Self-eaten alive
Your suffering will be eternal
Track Name: As Vultures Fly, Battlefield Bleeds
Coming from the depths of hell
Toward raging fields
Only here to see you dead
Ignoring pain and fear
They come to eat you flesh
To devour hopes and faith

You will bleed

Vultures fly in a blood red sky
To devour your brain and eyes

Barely alive you creep in your own blood
They fall like rain, demons hungry for human flesh

Crawling in corpses there is no escape
You will be eaten alive

Solo Gabriel

Solo Clément

Infernal noises
Of demons beaks
Picking your brain and eyes
Feel the loneliness of your sorrow
As vultures fly
Battlefield bleeds

Winged demons picking your brain and eyes
Your pain won’t stop until you die
Malediction of eternal war
Your body is an offering for demons’ of hell
Track Name: Soiled, Tainted and Merciless
An entire life humiliated
By insane circles of life
An existence lived in fear
No remorses, No regrets, no forgiveness, only death

One by one they will pay

I’ll skin them entirely
A cut for every humiliation
I will devour them alive
Taste their flesh and blood
To get rid of the shame
This everyday struggle
Purified in violence

My vengeance needs to be complete
I got to find each one of them
And take their last breath


Trapped in the basement
And chained to your death altar
Your torture won’t stop
Let me start my vengeance with you

Solo Gabriel

You flesh is ripped by my hands
Your entrails torn apart
My urge to kill won’t stop
Until the last of you die


Track Name: Disposable Existence
Awaken by explosions
Bombs are falling around
No escape for a newborn child
Life disposal as your place of birth

Smell of Death
Violence and cries
Is the only reality
You’ll ever know

Trained in dirt and fear
Guns in your hand

Born in hell
Hell on earth
To fight
And suffer

A soldier you will become
To kill will be your first act as a man

Born to fight
A wasted youth
For a soldier child

Is your everyday life

Solo Gabriel

Crawling in an endless cemetery
Your only salvation will be death

You crawl
In an ocean of corpses
To find freedom

Evil forces
Will make you fight
Until the end
Of our dark times

Solo Clément